Living Heart+Mind is the world's first and (still) only provider of Online CBCT® (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training), which has been shown to enhance overall mental & physical wellbeing, while providing the emotional & social intelligence tools to known to promote longterm success.

We at Living Heart+Mind believe that CBCT provides the mindsets and skillsets to develop and cultivate all 4 Components of Wellbeing, as framed by neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

CBCT®, developed at Emory University by Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi, PhD is based on mind training teachings and practices from the Indo-Tibetan tradition. In particular, the lojong (mind training) tradition, a set of meditative practices designed cultivate thought processes that promote and sustain wellbeing.

Research is currently being conducted at Emory and other universities to examine the benefits of CBCT for a variety of populations including medical students, nurses, cancer survivors, veterans with PTSD, HIV+ individuals, school children, and parents of autistic children.

It is worth noting that CBCT® is a secular protocol, independent from, and in many ways supportive of any faith or belief system.